16 thoughts on “Jingle Jangle (2020)

  1. I lasted about 10 minutes trying to watch this. Predictable plot, annoying dancing (and I like dance!) and overblown production completely overwhelmed my interest in the costumes. I’ll happily look at the stills. The plaid matching on that overcoat is a thing of beauty.

  2. I always feel the incorporation of certain steampunk elements in costume can come off as bland, dark or tacky, but for this movie I feel they did it next to perfect, considering that I expected this movie to just be another cheesy Christmas Flick

  3. I probably wouldn’t have watched this if not for the buzz about the costumes and the hair (I loved the hairstyles!) but I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. I have little kids, and let me tell you, there are many worse holiday specials on Netflix.

    1. I loved it. I am a visual artist and once upon a time Costume Designer. Fun story, great talent, high quality Production Design. Thumbs up !

  4. I really enjoyed it as an explosion of color and joy before the holidays. Midway through, I wondered if you would see it, so I’m glad I guessed right!

  5. I’ll probably dig through the still image gallery if not watch the movie itself because those color and pattern combos, silhouettes and hair are all pretty delightful.

  6. I watched mainly for the costumes, tbh, because they were fab, and the young cast were good too, but I thought the plot was overly laborious and it would have been a more enjoyable watch if about 25% of it had ended up on the cutting room floor

  7. I was entirely on board with this movie and I loved it. I like musical numbers, I like bright colours, and considering many christmas and (vaguely) historical movies are filled predominately with white people I was really excited for this cast!

  8. Oh also the pants!!! I thought it was a skirt but Journey was wearing pants which I would’ve LOVED as a kid

    1. Yes! I loved the pants! 😍 Would love to know what such pants are called and if they are vaguely historically accurate at all? Anyone who knows? 😊

  9. Began for the costumes and hair styles but got drawn into the animation style. Wasn’t expecting that.

  10. This costuming is SO directly inspired by Yinka Shonibare, CBE its a shame that credit wasn’t properly given. I opened IMDB really not expecting to see a white Australian to be credited (but not surprised it happened).

  11. Watched it with my daughter after she watched it with the neighbor who thought I would love the costumes. I do, especially the purple onez (no surprise there, right?)

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