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  1. Husband and I are planning on a quiet anniversary celebration at home. We haven’t decided on much past making colcannon. We do however have quite a few horror movies on our to watch list, so we’ll have much to keep us busy.

  2. Given the horror that has been the (T)rump administration, I think I’ll watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Have you ever reviewed “The War Lord” starring Charlton Heston?

  3. Planning to watch “Night of the Hunter” (highly recommend, especially for the visuals; clothes are standard mid 20th century American); we already watched Rebecca, Dragonwyck and Over the Garden Wall recently.
    Over the Garden Wall might be a fun one for you guys to look at because it’s intentionally vague about the era to give off a fairy-tale feel (a kid’s impression of history, where you can go from the 17th century to 1900’s by going to another town). There’s influences from Edwardian, Georgian, Rococo, Regency, Puritan, and Victorian clothing depending on the episode. The art style is a mashup between early Disney (very Bambi in its scenic design) and more surreal pre-code Betty Boop, but it’s distinctly its own thing.

    1. I love “The Night of the Hunter”, I have the DVD, but all my films are in the Room of Doom, (aka the unfinished sitting room) and would involve me climbing over furniture to get to it and I can’t be arsed. Shame, as I’d like to re-watch “The Scarlet Empress” and “Footsteps in the Fog” both good for costume watching

  4. I’ve been enjoying the Murdoch Mysteries, though some of the episodes are much better than others. But I do enjoy the women’s costumes. The series is set from about 1895 to early 1900s and there are some beautiful costumes for daywear and evening. I especially like the fact that costumes are worn more than once. I’d love to see a review from you.

    1. I tried to watch a few eps of Murdoch Mysteries & couldn’t get into it, sorry! I have a quick review in one of our “Oh the Bad Movies You’ll Watch” wrap-ups.

  5. First, I will be drinking…in costume out of costume…there will be lots of drinking. Probably not pink drinks though…we’ll see whatever alcohol-infused holiday drink recipes capture my fancy in October. Secondly, as stated on another thread, I plan to do a Vincent Price-a-thon in October. Last week, during my one day out of the house time, I saw a DVD set for Universal’s 1935-48 Legacy Collection: The Wolf Man; Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man; etc, etc, etc including a favorite I haven’t seen in a long time….Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. And, I’ll also be drinking…

    1. I raise my glass with you. And definitely Vincent Price! I’ve found some of his classic horror flicks on streaming services like Kanopy (thru my library) & Peacock, the new free one from NBC.

  6. I am aware the costuming is a mixed bag, but I did enjoy Enola Holmes recently. Would recommend!

    (My phone tried to autocorrect Enola to Ebola. 😂)

    1. Same here. Loved the story and it’s general style. 👌🏻

      Oh that’s funny 😆.
      The autocorrect on our smartphones must be in it’s own “Desaster & Doom” setting. 😔

    2. Yes please review the outfits of Enola Holmes, especially the jujitsu uniforms the suffragettes wear.

    3. I enjoyed it too! I’ve heard some mixed things about when it’s supposed to be set (I know it says 1884 at the beginning, but I’ve read that that’s supposed to be Enola’s birth date and the main action is in 1900, and I’ve also read that that’s supposed to be the year of the main action) and that has made it a little hard for me to judge the costumes on anything other than aesthetic, but on that level I liked them lol. Also I just thought it was cute and fun and God knows we need some of that in our lives right now lol

  7. After watching Enola Holmes,I mustered the courage to watch Man of Steel for Cavil.I can understand if people cannot identify Clark when he puts on a pair of spectacles,but couldn’t they make a bit more effort to disguise Cavil’s pristine gorgeousness.Distracting. Very much so.
    The Spanish Princess trailer suddenly feels ominously better.Visor hoods !Hair done up!Centre parts(some hairstyles remind me of The Borgias from the front).Consistency in costuming!I mean, everybody is wearing Elizabethan boned bodices(because loose voluminous gowns are uNrElAtAbLe)with puffed shoulders and skirts than open only in the front.No backachers!Fewer head necklaces(only on one supporting character,not an entire buffet of them)!An actual partlet in a day scene!Lush polyester damasks instead on knit table cloths and couch upholstery! retch Maggie gets an actual braided caul instead of stuffed croissants!Margaret is stuck with dumpy gowns(yay continuity)!Actual,proper fake sleeves with chemise peeking through instead of a loose shirt with lace braces!And mostly fitting bodices on all characters!Not a single windmill in sight(guaranteed power shortage in England)!A teal gown and hairstyle on one of Henry’s mistresses looks actually rented from The Borgias.When did mistresses in England get such imported luxuries.Who cares because #atleastshehasgotbetterclothes.And our playboy Henry actually looks younger than Catherine and not a stud this time(kudos to hair styling team)!Apparently they ordered a makeup kit with their quota of bobby pins,as “ageing” up Catherine involves lathering her in makeup even on the battlefield.So is the story going to compensate for the costumes not living up to Philippa Gregory’s standards?

    1. Oh my….🤔 do you think the costume department of ‘The Spanish Princess’ has secretly send spies out, to read FrockFlick’s post & those of others who’s critiques were very negative?

      Luckily, I’m not able to watch this particular series…otherwise I would almost be tempted to do so 😉😅✌🏻.

      1. It does seem from the previews that they’ve maybe improved things somewhat? I’ll be watching! And ranting, when appropriate ;)

    2. Oh my God. Catherine in armour. Maternity armor yet!!. Catherine organized the army that won Flodden. She made speeches and wrote prayers to support the soldiers. She Did Not lead the troops personally! She was not on the field, or indeed anywhere near it when the battle was fought. It would have been ridiculous and irresponsible for her to do so considering her condition and the fact she had an experienced Commander in the Earl of Surrey. The Norfolk coat of arms memorialized Thomas Howard’s leadership in the battle of Flodden. He was rewarded with an augmentation and, I believe, the ducal title.

        1. I am worried by the fact that I am bothered more by her makeup than her maternity armour.Ridiculous from a story point of view.

        2. I lay virtual flowers on your grave. Cause of Death STUPID WRITING!! and WORSE COSTUMING!!!!

  8. I appreciate your donating to Biden’s campaign; am two-thirds through my get-out-the-vote postcards to Georgia! With a little luck, I can flee up the northern California coast in a few weeks, where there won’t be many screens available, but everyone dresses up, and the local kids trick-or-treat at every shop and restaurant in town. May the next month bring the best possible outcome(s) for us all.

    1. Same here✊🏻. And it is a very brave thing to do. As there seems nothing so divisive as a Political view in America these days. (Frockflicks could lose some of their members over this stance – but hopefully they won’t care about that).
      As a European Frockflicks fan I truly hope for the best. Because what’s happing right now, in The States feels like a bad ‘Disasters Movie’.😔

  9. I keep hoping for a deep-dive for the latest “Little Women” adaptation, just to hear what the authors have to say about Meg’s wedding dress and hairstyle!

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