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  1. From this fast-n-dirty look, the armor seems reasonably in the ballpark to the early 16th century, with caveats. Charles’ engraved and gilded harness would have come with a close-helm or burgonet (at least 2 complete armors of his survive, AFAIK, with helmets). For the layperson, the close-helm is the basis for the classic “knight in shining armor” profile, and encloses the face entirely with a visor in 2 parts that open respectively up and down like jaws. The burgonet is more like a visored, crested hat with ear-flaps and the option of a separate visor. The filmmakers have chosen to put Adrien in a late Gothic Sallet, however, which, while still in use, was about a generation out of date. It’s appropriate for his foot soldiers, who are so equipped in these shots, but seems old-fashioned for the most powerful man in Europe. The aesthetic choice is understandable, though, since it allows for greater exposure for the actor’s face. (Still beats the hell out of Ken Branagh’s decision to go into battle as Henry V bareheaded. :p )

  2. In that last shot, Brody might be wearing thigh-high leather boots. When standing, mine reach to the bottom of my doublet. Movie looks interesting in any case.

  3. Well, now, seeing as I spent a year as an exchange student in Belgium, and I speak Flemish, incredibly enough, I think I just have to have a 16th c. Flemish ensemble. Regrettably, I know nothing of the period except how to drink the beer. Sigh.

    1. No problem, Karen. I know local folks who can fix you right up. (I used to be an Augsburger Behaim-girl, myself.)

  4. Get the appropriate Herbert Norris book from Amazon, or the Ruth Turner Wilcox equivalent. Norris has one specifically on Tudorbethan.

  5. Amusingly enough I was one of the male extras on the locations you posted above. It was a great experience. :)

  6. As one of the extra’s on this particular shoot in Ghentand being acquainted to quite a few of the ones in the pictures I can confirm that it weren’t reenactors but all costuming was in fact done by Tirelli (http://tirellicostumi.com/it/)

    My character wasgiven leather pants though, should I feel bad now? :(

  7. Has this Austrian/Belgian/German historical tv drama been seen by any of you ladies?
    As a Dutch viewer I was able to follow it when it was shown on a German tv channel.
    I loved it. Wounder would you would make of it.
    Just happy to finally see something NOT just set in England/GB.


    Greetings from the Netherlands ⚘⚘⚘

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