18 thoughts on “What happened to the end of Dangerous Liaisions?

  1. A cheeky little tricorne hat is simply not solemn enough to a funeral, even if it’s black and you throw a big black veil over it. That style of hat for ladies started as a deliberate ‘Look at me, daringly wearing jaunty male headgear! Aren’t I dashing!’ look, and even when it became a regular thing it was still reserved for informal occasions. It would either be a real gaffe to attend a funeral wearing that, or an advertisement to the world that you planned to be a very merry widow!

    1. Tricornes are so much 18th century. They must be in so many films even if they are out of fashion (to 1780s dresses)… Thank you for bringing that up!

  2. It makes no sense to spend millions of dollars on making a show, then yank it from your streaming platform and not even allow anyone to rent it anywhere. I tried to find episodes “elsewhere” but they’re all badly dubbed into French, so… I guess we’ll never know what happened. :P

    1. The tl;dr is that they don’t want to continue to pay the show creators/actors (read the link I added in the Ed. Note). It’s stupid & it’s all about money grr

      1. The Nevers (along with a number of other series that were cancelled and quickly yoinked from streaming) are apparently coming to Roku and Tubi either this month or next.

  3. Having been addicted to it, silly as it might have been… I did see the last two episodes. They set up the prep for next season with a not too terrible cliffhanger and, of course, Shakespearean timing as characters made choices and irrevocably f***ked themselves over. Basically, we’re back at the beginning where nobody is with anybody and everyone has grand secret plans for the future. Camille did befriend the Queen though, for a moment, which was a really fun scene to watch.

    1. As somebody who has been reading up on Her Late Majesty, one suspects that Marie Antoinette would not only drop La Merteuil like a hot stone if she ever got wind of the latter’s notion of entertainment, she’d quite probably whistle up half the Maison Roi to drop-kick the Marquise out of Versailles (AND her horrible little friend Valmont to boot).

      … the fact that Her Majesty could actually have read DANGEROUS LIASONS in the original French AND the original edition always shocks me when I think about it: for some reason so had the impression this novel was written as Historical Fiction, rather than a modern … thriller? … of the 18th century.

  4. When you said they fight the bodice, I heard it to the tune of ‘I fought the Sheriff’. LOL So… 🎵🎶’I fought the bodice…and the bodice won.’🎶🎵

    Also, BLACK to a French funeral? Hmmmmmm…. no all white???? Despite white being a French (and many other places) colour for mourning? Hmmmm…

  5. Starz pulling the end of Dangerous Liaisons is super Lame!!! There is a Chinese movie version set in the 1930s on Amazon. Maybe you guys could review it?

  6. The costumes look pretty, well made and historically accurate. Too bad this has been banished into the void, along with The Nevers.

    But there’s something odd about the bodices. Carice Van Houten is a beautiful, statuesque woman, but she looks squeezed into her frocks like a sausage. Many of the other bodices look short-waisted, not proportionate and do not flatter the actresses. I don’t recall ever seeing this issue before in 18th century set shows or movies (like in The Aristocrats, where everyone looks amazing). Why is this? Would you guys know?

    1. Apart from the white gowns and her red masked ball gown the others for this character were hires.

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