26 thoughts on “Bridgerton Season 3 Costumes: Initial Thoughts

  1. I’ve actually seen an interview why Eloise has the muff (in the middle of spring/summer) the actress had a cast and they needed to cover it

    1. Yep, she talked about how they were calling it her “summer muff,” which they knew wasn’t A Thing but became A Thing because there just wasn’t any other way to hide a big modern plaster cast.

      1. They could have used the lovely shawls that were around in the period. but of course, this isn’t accurate anyway so…

        Personally, this is a pass for me. It just doesn’t work even as a fantasy version of “regency”.

        If we look at the 2015 Cinderella ostensibly set in the 19th century, we have colour, decoration, and a grounding in the roughly 1860s is with hints of later all pulled together from a 1940s aesthetic of what the victorian period looked like and boy did it work.

        This to me does not.

  2. I want an in-universe explanation for Charlotte’s wig. Was technology advanced enough to have a small automation on top of ones head?

    1. Yes! Automatons (automata?) have been popular for centuries for the wealthy and powerful. Think about fancy clocks with cuckoo birds or other little creatures popping out to do cute things. If you can put it in a clock, you can put it on a wig. Thee are accounts from Ancient Greece and China of mechanical birds that sang and flapped their wings.

    2. It certainly was! Feast your eyes on this Franciscan friar who impressed the heck out of Philip II of Spain in the mid-16th century.

  3. Regarding the bows, it immediately made me think of this:


    And those muffs look too sad for words!

  4. I found this Eloise’s look almost japanese with this light green coat and this weird scarf ? around her neck , even the muff reminds me a obi!

  5. The Costumes have lost the plot! Side Note: Can we cut down on the pointless subplots, just a bit? No, M’kay!

  6. I don’t require accuracy or historical research from something like Bridgerton, but what really gets to me is costuming that doesn’t make sense for the plot/characters. It doesn’t make sense for the Featherington sisters to be mocked for their fussy, over-the-top, unflattering hair and dresses when most characters on the show, including socially acceptable mean girl Cressida, dress exactly the same! We know Eloise looks down on fashion, accessories, etc. (annoying trope, but whatever), so why hasn’t her styling stood out more at any point? Beyond Penelope’s glow-up and vaguely grouping families by color like football teams (Cinderella blue for Bridgertons, yellow for Featheringtons, etc.), I can’t get a read on what the costumes are supposed to say about anyone!

  7. I can’t cope with this show anymore, first season was fresh both in terms of plot, costumes and casting. But repeating this ad nauseam with tackier costumes and shittier subplots gives a real feel of waste of time and money

  8. Apparently one of the costume designers said they put Cressida in big sleeves because they wanted her to look a bit like a caged bird, especially in her home, “making her look incredibly vulnerable like a caged bird inside a mausoleum”.

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