5 thoughts on “TBT: Regency x 1930s + Technicolor = Becky Sharp (1935)

  1. Best part is that they made Becky blonde, as she was in the novel, since Thackeray was tuning the “good girls blonde; bad girls brunette” cliché on its head. The later succession of redheaded Beckys totally undermines Thackeray, since redheads were supposed to be seductive, evil, and manipulative, which would make Becky fit rather than overturn the stereotype..

  2. Nigel Bruce is best know for his rather awful portrayal of Dr Watson as a jovial dodderer, but his war record was far more in accord with Doyle’s version of the good doctor. Bruce played essentially the same character in a number of films.

  3. Not a favorite of mine. Not by a long shot. Not even Miriam Hopkins, whom I found rather hammy, could save this film. The best thing about this production is that it is probably the first Technicolor movie that was released. I think.

  4. Why do I want a ham sandwich after seeing this film?
    Atrocious 1930s costumes, bad hair and actors chewing the scenery. Also, it seems that the Great Bobby Pin Shortage was not in appearance. Notice the million pin curls.
    perhaps with the bad acting ham, I wanted a good ham?

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