12 thoughts on “TBT: The Mirror Crack’d (1980)

  1. I remember seeing it, but totally forgot it was a Miss Marple movie. As for some scenes, especially the snarkier ones, was it really acting?

  2. I didn’t remember Miss Marple having a dog! Her clothes look downright 30s. Another fine actor in this cast: Edward Fox as the detective/nephew. I need to hunt this down.

  3. After reading “My Love Affair with Jewelry,” it’s weird seeing Elizabeth Taylor with minimal adornment.

  4. It was the first film I saw Pierce Brosnan in. He was an uncredited character named “Jamie.” The scene was where Taylor is rehearsing they play and he is in a very large four poster bed.

  5. “they are certainly timeless (as in, ‘I have no idea what time period this is set in’)” – the quality content I am here for. :-)

  6. Is this the one in which the producer character snarls into a phone, ‘Get me the Coast!’ …. ‘What do you mean, which coast?’

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