12 thoughts on “TBT: A League of Their Own (1992)

  1. I caught this on TV many years ago. The first scene that comes to mind is someone taking a feather duster to a player’s skinned thigh to make it look nicer for the photographer. Shame the period uniforms didn’t provide enough leg protection.

  2. Don’t fret, I still haven’t seen it, despite the amazing cast because, um , baseball. I still havent see PRIDE OF THE YANKEES either, despite Gary Cooper, for the same reason. But I may have to see LEAGUE at long last based on this review. You’re a great advocate for it!

  3. It’s a wonderful film – one of my favorites! I’m so glad you finally had the chance to see and review it! The wardrobe was spot-on for WWII, and I love the attention to detail, including the period-correct accessories and undergarments. Plus the script, the music, the filming locations, the cars, even the tour bus, all worked together to tell a great story and transport you back to that era. I was most impressed with the older women they found to play the stars’ counterparts in the current day – they looked so much like them, you wonder how they did that! No corners were cut in this production, and for that, we can thank director Penny Marshall – she’s one of the best!

  4. I haven’t seen it either and I love baseball…was at the Phillies game last night! My husband saw it in the theater while I stayed home with our sick daughter. Guess I should have made him stay home with her and I should have gone!

  5. I adore baseball, and this is my favorite baseball movie hands down. In the Hall of Fame, they have a whole room for the real League, with the original and movie unis side by side. Thank you for profiling it!

  6. I love this movie! I saw it many times on video as a teen. The writing, acting and production were all top notch. As an adult I appreciate that the women are important just for themselves.

  7. Basically the only sports movie I like, and I love it. It’s such a good story. <3

  8. I also am a fan of this film. I remember how great the comaraderie between the actors was in this film. And besides the baseball, I admired how Ms Marshall wove the different subplots – working women, women’s response to wanting to do ‘their bit’ during the war, and what it takes to play major league ball. This and Bull Durham are my favourite baseball films.
    When will they make biopics on more female athletes? Olympic Gold Medalist in figure skating Dr Tenley Allbright and Olympic Bronze Medalist Dr Debi Thomas come to mind.

    1. You could try The Mighty Macs, about a tiny Catholic women’s college outside Philly winning the NCAA tournament in the 70s. They have skirt uniforms, too. ;) The movie is … predictable, but still feel-good.

  9. It’s a great film—genuinely enjoyable watch not in spite of the ideas/messages. :-) I’ve been thinking about making an outfit modeled on their uniform but to cheer my MLB team (so, maybe with pennants for the skirt, or something).

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