10 thoughts on “Costumes in Shogun (2024), Episodes 1 and 2

  1. Yes and although I loved the 1980 version, I’m finding this more nuanced and the clothing impossibly beautiful in their Zen-like simplicity.

  2. Nice article! I was hoping to find a bit of info about the socks/shoes worn – they can be seen rather well in a few scenes. I purchased a tabi sock pattern from a Japanese vendor at a fiber arts years ago, made one pair and wore them out. I need to find that pattern again, and others I purchased from that same vendor

    1. I’m not sure if my reply went through so will try again! I have the FW Japanese Field Clothing pattern, have made and worn it but it’s been years ago. I need to dig through my patterns and find all the Asian inspired patterns I’ve purchased through the years. My Mom & I went through a phase of making yukata and tabi after seeing the original Shogun!

  3. Thank you so much, Lisa! Do you have any insights into the courtesan’s clothes?

    I’m not surprised that they chose to skip the teeth blackening and the period – appropriate eyebrows. (Women would shave off their real eyebrows and draw a pair of oval ones high up on their forehead. You can see it in the Noh mask.) Neither would translate well to today’s beauty standards.

    1. I knew I’d skipped something! I’m sure we’re going to see much more of her if they stick to the original storyline about her.

      I thought she looked good – the higher priced asobime (literally “play girls”) and courtesans would wear bright, colorful clothing, so her red robe embellished with gold is on point as is her daring, neck baring updo, which is Japanese-sexy code.

      Check out this image from the Kyoto Costume Museum of a “play girl” of the period for comparison. https://www.iz2.or.jp/english/fukusyoku/busou/35.htm

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