6 thoughts on “Interview With the Vampire (2022) – Recap Episode 7

  1. I noticed Rashid (Armand) in the flashback scene with Tom and Louis, but thought nothing of it, when I should have. I think he was talking with Louis at some point at the bar, or watching them–I can’t remember now. I was still shocked that he ended up being Armand.

  2. I have a mild correction to one of the notes. The collar that Lestat wears as Raj IS heavy. There are much heavier ones that can be worn, but even those smaller ones are heavy and they leave marks on your shoulders, especially if they’re attached to huge mantles or trains. Re whether the guests would be wearing masks and in costume or just in formalwear–it depends on the krewes and the protocols for their balls. Also, “Let them eat king cake” is a slogan you will find throughout the city on tee shirts and such as well as the Merry Antoinette’s slogan, “Let them throw cake.” In addition to being “lucky,” if you get the baby in the King Cake that means you have buy/bring the King Cake to the next party, and of course, some people always try to weasel out of this very important duty!!!

    I thought the costumes were lovely throughout the series. But really, all three leads are the kind of people who would look gorgeous even in a burlap sack. I LOVED the Mardi Gras costumes for Lestat and Louis. Just gorgeous. Re the callback to Lucy’s bridal costume/funeral gown in Bram Stoker’s Dracula: I say, “Hell, yes!” So many vampire films and TV shows call back to that movie–with good reason!! (I think I read that the costumes from that production are on display at Francis Ford Coppola’s winery in California. I would LOVE to see them IRL!!) I haven’t read all of the Vampire Chronicles, so I’ve been able to watch the show without constantly fact-checking against canon re details. It’s interesting and gorgeous, but definitely an assault to, as you put it, “superhero Lestat.” I’m interested to see where they go in future seasons.

    1. That specific collar isn’t huge tho (& I’ve worn similar ones that don’t require a lot of structure to hold up). Plus, the corsetry would be better for wings bec. it deals with the weight of something on the back & shoulders, not the neck & shoulders where this collar is. Maybe there was more intended to be held up on his back that didn’t make it to onto the scene? IDK.

  3. Did Claudia really plant those dolls and salt circles at their house? They’ve been living there for 30 years at that point, I don’t think those things needed to be planted, they were noticed. Plus, was it ever indicated that Claudia placed those dolls? The only thing we have is her reaction to one of them, which is a flippant act of picking it up and taking it as a toy, which seems to me more like a public act for the benefit of any onlookers.
    Anyway, I’ve loved this show, and the way they showed us the passage of time, though I agree that supporting characters should have been more visibly aged, more grey in Tom’s hair for a start.

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