5 thoughts on “Frock Flicks Free-for-All March

  1. The new Sense & Sensibility on Hallmark? It had potential IMO! I was let down by the costumes! The designer seemed to be going for Bridgerton? It made no sense, and they were just eyesores! Ellen at least made her clothes make sense or told us who these characters were! In the new Sense and Sensibility, I genuinely couldn’t tell Marianne and Elinor apart! Elinor seemed to be the younger sister? It’s Hallmark, So what did I expect?! What are your thoughts?

  2. Just binge-watched Halston, with Ewan McGregor. Loved it! I might have to watch it again this weekend. :)

  3. I’m finally watching Pachinko, and it’s so good! It really does justice to the book. Beautiful cinematography, good acting and score, the costumes are great too!

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