11 thoughts on “Freaky Friday: Five Things About The Legend of Lizzie Borden (1975)

    1. I wish I’d have known you then, because I too loved the movie in its original airing and would have killed to stay in the house. Probably not literally killed, but only probably.

    2. Why don’t you go by yourself? I went to London and Paris by myself for a week and had a ball (of course, I’m a bit of a loner). :)

  1. The movie was very well done except for one thing. Lizzie didn’t do it. The maid did. The maid had motive She was so disrespected that they didn’t even call her by her name, they called her the name of a former maid. She left the house numerous times the morning of the murders and could easily have taken the weapon (which was never found) away from the house. There is a book with this theory, and it made so much sense.

  2. My sister brought me a Borden Bed & Breakfast T-shirt from Fall River – my husband said the place ought to be called Forty Winks and Forty Whacks.

  3. I went to the house back in 2000 for my birthday (what can I say? she’s fascinated me for years), and they had a different dress on display, a pale blue lightweight cotton IIRC. Supposedly light blue was Lizzie’s favorite color, or so they said. As far as “who done it”, I’ve seen so many theories over the years that it’s hard to know who to believe, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the one about her being a survivor of sexual abuse at her father’s hands does make a certain amount of sense.

  4. So glad you covered this. I’ve always wondered what Frock Flicks would say about the costumes. And I love the green dress.

  5. I remember that film! Montgomery did such an excellent job portraying Lizzie as this repressed woman who wanted to live a full life. I really remember the creepy scene with her father fondling the corpse of a young woman in the mortuary.

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