2 thoughts on “18th-Century Quest: Start the Revolution Without Me (1970)

  1. This was one of the five movies my family had on video when I was growing up so it’s pretty much engraved in my memory. Now I want to watch it again just for Aristocratic Gene’s wife, and her purple court gown and her “how many costumes do you think I can pack?!” freakout.

  2. I vaguely recall seeing that film many years ago. I can’t wait until you get around to watching British films set in the 18th Century particularly those from the Carry On series of comedies. There is also a 1969 film called “Lock up Your Daughters” from 1939. It is supposed to be a comedy. Following the success of “Tom Jones” in 1963 a number of films were made set in the 18th Century.

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