10 thoughts on “Having a Jolly Holiday, Mary Poppins Style

  1. Thanks for the excellent detailed look at that dress. The movie is definitely part of my subconscious. I think Mary Poppins was only on TV once this month, on Dec. 10, I may need to stream it instead now that I humming the tunes. A list of costume dramas on TV for Christmas 2017 is here, for anyone interested. http://www.willowandthatch.com/period-dramas-to-watch-christmas-2016/

    Merry Christmas Frock Flicks! Thanks for all the hard work and for a great year of meeting the period costume fix needs.

  2. Thanks alot for the ‘Jolly Holiday Mystery Tour’. I firmly believe that there cannot be enough Mary Poppins. The movie still is a delight. This was my favourite dress Ms Andrew’s wore, but my favourite song was ‘Feed the Birds’.
    It wouldn’t be Christmas without Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, Grinch (both versions), and It’s a Wonderful Life, among others.
    Thanks FrockFlicks.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah.

  3. Thanks for this post! It is my favourite movie of all time, although this dress is not my favourite from the film (it’s the red ensemble she wears on the rooftops. So sophisticated! To make an historically accurate version is high in my bucket list).

    It is mentioned only once that the story takes place in 1910. Would that really be the case, or did they plan it at the turn of the century an did 1910 just happen to give a better rhyme in Mr Banks his song, after which they thought ‘ well, 10 years off is still close enough’?

    1. Yeah, 1910 isn’t a super-exact date for the film — more that they wanted to take it out of the 1930s of the books so they wouldn’t infringe on the copyright of the book’s artwork (which Disney didn’t buy the rights to). So a general Edwardian look.

      1. I’m not up on my Women’s Suffrage history enough, but adding that plot element for the mother probably influenced the selection of era to some extent . . .

  4. This was the first movie I saw in a theater. I was 6. Please imagine meeting that goddess on the big screen at that impressionable age. Needless to say, Julie Andrews is an idol, and Mary Poppins remains top of list. Thank you for giving MP some good FF love!

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