9 thoughts on “Interview With the Vampire (2022) – Recap Episodes 3 & 4

  1. Totally agree about the wallpaper. All the wallpaper on this show is gorgeous. The townhouse set is just fabulous all around.
    Also agree about seeing things from Claudia’s perspective. She’s such an interesting character that you don’t get enough time with in the books.

  2. Oooooh, I am going to have to get a free trial of AMC to binge this!

    Question for Trystan: How do you feel about Lestat’s hair? It just feels wrong to me.

    1. Lestat’s hair is just OK, not great, not terrible, IMO. He’s still supposed to be the same age as in the novel, so he should have mid-18th-c. hair & in life would have worn a full wig (most every man did & his family was minor gentry). The movie/TV affectation is to give many male 18th-c. characters long hair under their wigs (see also Dangerous Liaisons, Amadeus, etc.), so they have a more ye olde timey look when they take the wig off. This TV Lestat’s hair tracks with that convention, plus it makes hims stand out a little bit in the 1910s, so he’s exceptional as a 150-year-old vampire should be.

  3. Your reference to the wallpaper reminds me of something. I work with interior designers sewing draperies and other items for them. So I was working on some draperies fabric for the client of a designer and kept thinking I’d seen this fabric design somewhere. But where was it…where was it?? Then it struck me. It was the same design as the wallpaper in Henry Higgens house in the movie, My Fair Lady! Same thing exactly! Wow. I couldn’t believe it. https://hookedonhouses.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/My-Fair-Lady-Sets-Henry-Higgins-House-Entry-Hall.jpg

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