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  1. I’m absolutely thrilled you are featuring Oprah!

    I adore the fact that Oprah clearly thinks about the roles and movies she chooses to be in. While not a Frock Flick, but her (and all the costumes) in A Wrinkle in Time are amazing.

    But I’m torn, my favourite roles Oprah’s been in are either, A Color Purple or Beloved. She gave her all in both roles. I’d probable lean towards Beloved because that book is one of my favourite books ever and the movie didn’t get the acclaim it so deserved.

    1. Gawd, Wrinkle in Time was SO BEAUTIFUL! Not historical, but great eye candy.

      Oprah’s part in Color Purple was smaller than Beloved, where she carried the whole film. But I just rewatched Purple this weekend & damn it’s good. If Whoopi had been in more historical pix, I’d give her a WCW — she’s really underrated as an actress, she does drama as beautifully as she does comedy.

      1. Ah, I wish she’d had or used (not sure how involved she was) some influence to make Wrinkle in Time LESS beautiful. I mean, yes, visually appealing, but that entirely missed the point of the three Mrs. characters, and really the story. There’s a lot of things out there glorying in beauty; I wish they’d been comfortable leaving them as weird and kind of ugly (at least in their clothes). Such potential—very talented people at all levels, but imo a fundamental misunderstanding of the story. BUT it’s good to remember well the considered thought she’s clearly put into her forays into film. We’re lucky Oprah uses her powers for good!

    2. I love her lack of vanity. Some deeply famous females insist on looking young-and-gorgeous, whether appropriate or not; O.W. always respects the part. (But here’s where I get to complain that “Beloved” wasn’t made earlier. Fine though Oprah was, Cicely Tyson would have evoked pity and terror in equal measure. Has F.F. saluted her lately?)

  2. I’m amazed that she only had a few roles in her career. Winfrey really is a good actress. I was especially impressed by her performances in “The Color Purple”, “Beloved” and “The Butler”.

  3. I would love to see Oprah take on the role of Elizabeth Keckley or Sojourner Truth. She is such a subtle actress and has no trouble looking busted in a role. My favorite role of hers is Mattie in the women of Brewster Place. That scene of her in the rain smashing the brick wall at the end of the mini series is gut wrenching.

    1. Oh yes, either of those would be excellent roles for Oprah! Related, why no Sojourner Truth biopic yet? Hollywood, get on that! Keckley was at least a minor character in Lincoln, the one w/Daniel Day Lewis, but she deserves more too.

      1. A Sojourner Truth biopic would be so fantastic, as would one about Elizabeth Keckley. I’d really love to see one about Bessie Coleman, with Janelle Monae playing her.

    2. Ooo! What a good idea re: Elizabeth Keckley biopic! And Oprah would be fantastic to play her! And I also loved her in Brewster Place.

  4. Oprah was brilliant in The Color Purple. I just recently read Native Son and now I want to seek out the movie.

  5. My favourite Oprah roles are in The Color Purple and Beloved. Her expressions were incredible and her acting conveyed such emotion. Especially in Beloved, one of my favourite Toni Morrison novels, where she made a horrid but understandable choice.

    I also enjoyed The Women of Brewster Place.

    I would enjoy a Sojourner Truth miniseries or biopic. I’m surprised no-one hasn’t made one.

    Also more movies from Toni Morrison books.

    I don’t know if this is a place for it, but I want 2 Oscars for costumes this year. Ruth Carter for Black Panther and Sandy Powell for The Favourite.

    Also are Beale Street and
    Black Klansman too modern for review?

  6. I watched The Women of Brewster Place when it first came out in 1989. I was all of seven years old, but I remember it vividly. It had a huge effect on my seven-year-old psyche. I couldn’t understand why people were so mean to that nice lesbian couple. They just wanted to live their lives and put olives in their meatloaf!

  7. Ohhh! Women of Brewster Place! I had forgotten about that movie! Thanks for the good (also sad) memories!

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