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  1. The beauty and the beast film is set in the Regency era but the beast’s castle is trapped in a time bubble. So it’s historical fantasy.

  2. That shiny garment Oscar is wearing looks like he’s trying, and failing, to be in drag in a woman’s gown and didn’t bother with fake boobs. AND he is wearing, badly, a woman’s stole.

  3. I quite like her – engaging actress and classically pretty. I did forget she was in the 2010 Robin Hood but then again maybe my brain is slowly willing itself to forget that movie altogether.

    My favorite role of hers is not a period piece; it’s La vie d’Adèle ( Blue Is the Warmest Colour ) (2013). Much has been made of its salacious scenes, and how the director extracted them, but it was the most convincing and rewarding love story I’ve seen in years. The naturalism, in both the dialogue and story, makes you honestly feel like you’re spying on real people. And you really root for their relationship.

  4. I’ve seen three of these films–Inglorious Basterds, Robin Hood, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Of those three, The Grand Budapest Hotel is my favorite, but honestly, I forgot she was in any of those. Like Al Don above, my fave of her roles is from Blue is the Warmest Color. And I agree with his assessment of the film, too. On top of being beautiful, she has such an interesting face with chameleon qualities–something very few beautiful people can pull off. Sometimes she looks so sad–like a person who’s NEVER known joy in her life. Other times she looks like a complete ice-cold bitch. Other times she looks incredibly warm an compassionate. We all express moods but her face is such that when she’s in one mood it doesn’t seem like she would/could ever have access to another! Anyway, she’s an incredibly talented actress, and I’ll look for more of her FrockFlick roles. Mysteries of Lisbon sounds like it will be incredibly fun and interesting or absolutely horrible. Thanks for this WCW!

  5. She’s terrible in Bond, although I’m not sure it is her fault. She has zero chemistry with Craig and he comes across as creepy and perverted kissing her since she looks thirty years younger. Not to mention her character comes across as limp. But she was glorious in Beauty and the Beast. She has an enigmatic presence and a captivating look. She should stick to period pieces. Modern stories are not deserving of her.

  6. I loved her in Diary of a Chambermaid. She deserves such roles with some depth. She was perfect for me as the queen in “Robin Hood” although the whole film was such a stupid film – I had almost to bang my head when I saw it in the cinema. Typical Ridley Scott film (the riders of Rohan in the 13th century and the evil enemy played by Mark Strong without hair…).

    I was surprised how bad “Les adieux à la reine” was. So many aspects wrong and even the details like Lea’s modern bag… Even the society in Versailles was represented so wrongly. They even could not find all the costumes from “Jefferson in Paris” (Livrée du Roi, uniforms of the Gardes Francaises…). Such a poor work!

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