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  1. The only frock flick I have seen her in is Pride and Prejudice, which is a film whose clothing I have many opinions on (none of which are complimentary–except for the gentlemen). Is it just me, or are her stays way too loose in Poldark? I see obvious boning that appears to be billowing out around her waist when it should be flush, which makes her look like she’s expecting.

  2. I adore Mrs. Henderson Presents!!!! It’s such a cheerful movie, despite the actual setting etc. Kelly Ryan is so incandescently beautiful in this movie. It’s one of my go-tos when I need something fun to watch.

    (Also, the actress who was the female musical singing star was so talented and popping with star quality and it’s a bit of a bummer she never became a bigger thing. )

  3. I’m not going to lie, one has had a Monstrous Crush on Ms. Reilly since first being introduced to her in SHERLOCK HOLMES (I suspect that Doctor Watson being depicted as intelligent enough to have such impeccable judgement when it comes to picking a future spouse is a key part of the reason I love these two films): I still find it deeply, deeply amusing that one review of her onstage work described her as ‘Theatrical viagra’.

    I am a man with a deeply warped sense of humour.

    On the other hand they might have been on to something, since Ms. Reilly is so magnificently attractive they cast her as the younger version of a character played by DAME HELEN MIRREN herself (In LAST ORDERS) which suggests that she has several lifetimes
    worth of Sex Appeal on tap.

    Holy Moley, “Helen Mirren, redhead” is quite a thought.

  4. Just saw Haunting in Venice. I was actually surprised to enjoy it, contrary to the two previous ones, which Brannagh completely butchered!

  5. I really do quite like and admire Ms Kelly as an actress and she has shown quite a versatility in the roles she’s played. As Jane, in The Libertine, she was playing an infamous prostitute who frequents the theatres and only takes to the stage once in the raunchy, royal performance of Rochester’s play Sodom… such a subtle title! I do wonder what she is wearing on her feet when she played Caroline Bingley though. You especially notice her shoes in the outside image when she is wearing the wind-blown, rather limp looking green pelisse. It looks like her shoes are platformed!!! Surely this can’t be so, am I going mad? Or did the seamstress simply mis-measure and forgot to re-hem her frock? I think though that my favourite of her roles was in Mrs. Henderson Presents. She possessed a worldly sexiness and yet a sweet vulnerability.

  6. I first remember seeing her in the early aughts non-Frock Flick, L’Auberge Espagnole, which I loved. I haven’t seen much of her work, but overall I’ve enjoyed her in everything. Although, I must admit that every time I see her in something I always want to re-watch L’Auberge Espagnole. I haven’t yet seen Miss Henderson Presents, but the goodwill expressed above toward the movie has given it a nudge on my “to watch” list. Good WCW choice.

  7. Some valiant makeup artist somewhere sometime is going to have to say “no” to smoky eyes on this woman. It’s just wildly wrong.

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