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  1. You really should force yourself to take Boardwalk Empire for a test drive. It really is very good, but then I’m partial to 1920’s frocks and Steve Buscemi.

    1. She, at some point, works as a very correct businesswoman in a respectable office, and her period, professional wardrobe is so lovely! I covet, lordy, how I covet!

    2. Agree!! BE is very much worth it.
      I just love to hear her speak too. In a FF or modern film, Kelly never fails to deliver an intense performace.

  2. There were a whole lot of Knollys, children of Elizabeth’s cousin Catherine Carey and Francis Knollys, but no Isabelle. It was Lettice who snatched Dudley from under Elizabeth’s nose, in the 1580s.

    1. Isabelle is a fictional character for the movie, since she meets a demise that Lettice Knollys did not.

  3. I hope you will review Gosford Park one day, it’s such a good film.It’s like Downton Abbey without all the sugar!

  4. Not a Frock Flick, but the first thing I saw her in was No Country for Old Men. Her American accent was so good, I was shocked to find out that she’s Scottish! :)

    1. My first intro to her was in the adorable but less known romcom The Decoy Bride where she gets to make full use of her Scottish accent – plus David Tennant in a kilt!

      1. Just watched the trailer on Youtube – think I’ll be checking it out in the near future. Thanks! :)

        1. Love, love, love The Decoy Bride. It’s completely silly, but also so sweet. Definitely worth the watch@

  5. Not a frock flick, but her Grey Lady ghost of Ravenclaw House is clearly medieval.

  6. I loved her BOARDWALK EMPIRE, a show whose biggest problem is that the lead character is its least interesting character. It is, however, a rather excellent overview of society throughout the 1920s in Atlantic City, dealing with themes of war-related trauma and racial tensions, Black wealth and queer lives not usually depicted when dramatizing the period. I’m not sure I’d recommend it if you’re not convinced, however. After all, it’s quite a significant time investment.

    It should be noted that the last shot you include is from the fifth and last season, which is set in 1931, hence the style she’s sporting.

  7. Really loved her on Boardwalk Empire. I saw her in almost everything she made prior to it, but she sold me as a leading lady in that.

  8. Lookit! That’s Emily Mortimer with her as another of Cate Hudson’s attendants in Elizabeth!

    1. Hilariously playing Elizabeth’s governess Kat Ashley despite Mortimer being 3 years younger than Blanchett.

  9. The gold Egyptian Revival ensemble she wears to the Egyptian-themed party in Boardwalk Empire is one that I would most like to copy. I loved Boardwalk, and thought their hat game was better than Downton Abbey at the time. And, yes, the last dress is from the 30s.

  10. Wow, that was Maggie Smith’s sweet little lady’s maid in “Gosford” (who was more complex than she seemed)? I loved her interplay with Emily Watson.

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