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    1. Jane Asher also wrote a book on Fancy dress costumes. It’s claim to fame was a fairly accurate QE1 decorated with bow tie padta

  1. Oh, my, the lovely Jane–she really did have the right face and carriage (and skills) for historical drama. I admired her Mrs. Liddell, and would like to see her as Jane Seymour.

  2. THE MASQUE OF THE DRED DEATH, though filmed in England, wasn’t connected to Hammer in any way; it was a Roger Corman film for American-International Pictures. One of Asher’s first roles, however, was in 1955’s THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT, a SF/horror film that got the ball rolling for Hammer. (However, she was unbilled, playing a little girl.)

    MASQUE was degintely AIP trying to go for what was making Hammer a success, so it’s easy to see the confusion, especially since they shot it using some of the same personnel and locations.

  3. I have only seen her in the Agatha Christie adaptations, but they did a great job dressing her as Jane Seymour.

  4. Ms. Asher has been happily married to British cartoonist Gerald Scarfe since 1981. (I wonder how she feels when he draws friends of hers in his works.) I think she looks better as she gets older. Some people grow into their faces.

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