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  1. I was in utter shock and dismay seeing Helen had died (and from cancer!). It compounded my feelings with Prince Philip’s passing. Been a tough stretch of the month/year for deaths (although very grateful of the conviction yesterday late afternoon and the revoked bail).

    I had recently gone on a Helen binge and the diversity of her roles is a thing of wonder. I had really liked her before my binge, but I was swooning after. Thank you for giving me a few more things to resume my binge.

    May Helen’s memory forever be a blessing.

  2. She’s been a favorite of mine for a long time and I was shocked and sad, too, to hear she’d died. Thanks for these, Guys. There’s a poignant clip online of an interview last month with her and Lewis on a British tv show. She’s a little disheveled and her voice is husky – probably from treatments. The interviewer asks if she’s ok, and she blames her voice on yelling at her kids, bless her.

  3. I love Frock Flicks and today’s post was wonderful. So many wonderful movies that Helen McCrory appeared in. One small correction, “The Count of Monte Cristo” was written by Alexandre Dumas and not Victor Hugo. Just a minor point but I thought you would want to know. Thank you again for the blog, research, pics and of course, the snark!

  4. She fucking DEVOURED on Penny Dreadful (and gets to hook up with the silver-foxy Timothy Dalton, too),

    That Dead Gorgeous looks fun, I shall have to seek that out.

  5. What is not to love about the wonderful Helen McCrory? Immense talent, debth of role perception, a Goddess of Badassness, besides being a beautiful person. Her Anna Karenina ties with Sophie’s and in some way is a tad better. The only reason I watched Peaky was her Polly.
    She is missed.

    1. And just imagine that she was originally supposed to be Bellatrix in Harry Potter! She would have been so incredible. (She was Narcissa in lovely 1940s-type clothes, but it wasn’t enough) I wonder if she would have also taken JK Rowling to task over her TERF-ness. McCrory was always such a badass.

  6. She was mysterious, talented & unique, she’ll be deeply missed. I loved her as Polly in Peaky Blinders, of course, and she was brilliant as Evelyn Poole in Penny Dreadful (She shines at the 2nd season, which is, in my opinion, the best one). Does anyone know where I could watch the Charles II miniseries? I’m dying to see Helen as Barbara Villiers!

    1. Justwatch finds another The Last King.

      But this production shows up as Charles II: The Power and the Passion. On Britbox in the USA. (Rufus Sewell as the King.)

      Now, back to Just watch……

  7. I’ll miss Helen McCrory. What a fabulous screen presence, she was.

    A small correction: The costumes of PENNY DREADFUL were designed by Gabriella Pescucci, not Joanna Eatwell.

  8. Boy i knew today and was shocked my sister was the one who discovered it she watched Peaky Blinders and told me Polly has died then i saw i picture of her and knew her right away God i was shocked and sad she was a magnificent actress and had great screen presence I have to agree with Kendra and say she was better as Anna Karenina than Sophie Marceu she had the difficult task to make me watch a rather plain and simple adaptation of Tolstoy pain in the heart novel and suceeded Now that’s really hard i loved her in harry potter and sherlock and last king as well now i might give Peaky blinders with my sisters too
    PS: When i thought of Her the first thing that came to my mind was her Anna then I Remembered that Nicola Pagett died last month Two Anna’s in a Row should we advise the others to take extra good care?

    1. oh and Hugo and A Little Chaos was great too her character was real person in Hugo the wife of george melies one of history’s first filmmakers even if she was much younger than her character, jeanne was supposed to be in her 60’s or 70’s, she was 40’s

  9. I have to chime in with everyone else that I was shocked and saddened. She was so talented and she will definitely be missed. I never saw her give a bad performance. Like others have said, she really shone in Penny Dreadful. And if you haven’t seen Hugo yet, then you should definitely give it a chance. It’s a marvelous, unexpected gem.

    1. I agree with @Lily, you must see AND review Hugo. Helen will be truly missed, she was a talented actor and I loved a lot of her performances. I am so glad she gave them to us to treasure forever.

  10. such a sad loss! one of those actresses who always impressed!
    Hugo is quite nice, it’s back narrative is about Georges Méliès.
    The Count of Monte Cristo is by Alexandre Dumas, not Victor Hugo.

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