12 thoughts on “WCW: Gemma Whelan

  1. “Upstart Crow” for the win … Kate and her dream of being an “actor on the stage..”

  2. I loved her in ‘Horrible Histories’…and seen every episode, though it’s not meant for a 49 year old 😉🤣. And she is just a gem in ‘Upstart Crow’. Which has a Black Adder feel to it – which is no wonder with 😍Ben Elton holding the quill ✒️. Looking forward to more of her work.

  3. A new favorite. Loved her a lot in Gentleman Jack. In her plaid taffeta and curls she was unrecognizable from GOT’s Yara! (BTW, where is season 2 of GJ?!) She was delightful in Upstart Crow, and lovely in EMMA.

    1. I was scrolling down, wondering why she looked so familiar. It wasn’t just from GoT. Then I reached Gentleman Jack and was all “MARIAN!”

      1. Sisters are a mystery to me (three bros), but I love her exasperation–sometimes almost affectionate, usually not! Must be frustrating vying for attention with an older, bolder steamroller of a sibling.

  4. Gotta go with Kate in Upstart Crow and Marian in Gentleman Jack. Kate was always trying to act on stage and was espousing feminist ideas and Marian was what I would imagine Eloise Bridgerton would grow up to be if she was more interested in finding a mate and bossing her elder sister,, Ann, around than exposing the identity of Lady Thistledown

  5. I’ve loved her in everything I’ve seen her in. She has an arresting face, full of intelligence and wry humour.

  6. Loved her in Upstart Crow. I’d only seen her in GoT till then so the difference was startling. She’s a hoot. I enjoyed her in Gentleman Jack. I went between feeling annoyed and sorry for her. She does have a great, mobile face.

  7. She is amazing!! I fell in love with her in Horrible Histories and watched everything with her ever since!

  8. I watched the first episode of Gentleman Jack and the whole time I kept thinking, “oh that’s the girl from Game of Thrones in a dress.” So, for me, she’s Yara Greyjoy. She also reminds me of the actress who played Princess Margaret in A Royal Night Out.

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