6 thoughts on “WCW: Alice Englert

  1. ‘Hope is an independent tomboy.’
    Well that’s a turnoff right there. Seems to me a traditional girl, with the usual domestic skills, struggling to learn new ones and shed her ladylike reserve and dependency would be a lot more interesting.

  2. Mainly ‘know’ her as Jane Campions daughter it, sadly, has to be said. Theoretically unfair (D’uh!) but it may explain things. Such as casting in DL. It, granted, had huge character issues based in that script. But, nonetheless, further had two of the most unengaging, humourless lead perfomances I can put my finger on in a long, long, very long while. Everybody had to know they were up against Close/Malkovich, Gellar/Witherspoon/Phillippe even, or Benning/Firth at least? Shame about the otherwise very nice production value.

  3. RW To Add: What on this arguably green earth was that PG 18 restriction of DL for? Completely dry’n dusty. Any marquise of any self-worth would break out into pox allover again for sheer boredom.

  4. Fantastic Actress! It takes talent to be that believably insane! She was so good in Ratched!

  5. I know her from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and the very bad film Beautiful Creatures.

  6. Not truly historic, although there are flashes to the Civil War South, I first saw her in Beautiful Creatures with Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons, Eran Ehrenrich(?), and numerous others you would recognize.

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