13 thoughts on “Top 5 Men’s Costumes I’d Wear the Shit Out of

  1. I’m not sure about the fit of Mozart’s waistcoat, but it’s a prime example of what some guys got to wear during that delicious age of upscale men’s clothing. I’d probably end up with Orlando’s shirt, though. Couldn’t do anything practical in it, but so dashing.

  2. I can’t find a pic of one, but on “Last of the Mohicans”, one group of background was the “fur trappers”. We (the shop) made them elk hide justicorps. They were to die for! I wanted one.
    And Daniel Day Louis’ soft thin leather shirt… I’ll take two please….

  3. I vastly prefer men’s shirts IRL, so I’d go for any historical men’s shirt, as long as it’s clean😁.

  4. Interestingly, that black and white ensemble from ORLANDO isn’t all that far off from what was actually worn about 40 years ago. 
    I’d swear I even saw that exact look– huge bow, elaborate sleeves and all– in an haute couture  photo, but here’s an indication of toned-down versions:


    Great choices, but I’ll fight you for that BLACKADDER cape! ;D

  5. Pretty much every well cut, highly embellished 18th Century suit – I love the dresses but I only get wear-want from the menswear. I also fancy Mr Woodhouse’s banyan and cap in the 1996 Emma with Kate Beckinsale. So rich, so comfy!

  6. The Sheriff of Nottingham’s costumes in the 1950’s “Adventures of Robin Hood” had some lovely looks—especially considering the budget at the time.

  7. I’m honestly in love with all of Stede Bonnet’s suits In Our Flag Means Death, I’d jump at the chance to wear any of them! Probably not authentic but SO BEAUTIFUL.

  8. I love Blackadder’s outfit, but I also loved Lord Flashheart’s ensemble when he arrived at Edmund’s wedding.

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