6 thoughts on “Top 5 Costumes on Downton Abbey Season 5

    1. Back in Season 2, when Mary first mentions cutting her hair, Matthew asks her not to do so (despite everyone being engaged to other people). I’ve always thought she was only keeping her hair long to be loyal to him, but if she really is moving on….

      Women now cut their hair after a bad break-up, a new identity to go with a new you. Maybe Mary’s haircut is a sign that she really is ready to get married again.

  1. This is OT, but I had joined a British forum about tv shows a while back and found out they (Brits) tends to take their TV viewing very personally and are very invested in storylines and characters as if they are family members. I was not aware that it was a sin to post about one’s dislike of a specific character but found out very quickly that one doe not say snide things (Lady Edith in this case, I really disliked her) and was pretty much invited to leave or at least, desist from such blasphemy. They also seem to become downright distraught if characters are badly treated by the script etc…again, more like family members than fictional characters on fictional shows. Lol live and learn and I hope I am not offending anyone. I am probably in the minority opinion, I often am, but I do my share of hate-watching just to snark about it someplace.

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