7 thoughts on “Thousand Pieces of Gold – An Immigrant’s Tale

  1. Might the thinking behind the working dress be that it’s supposed to be a hand-down or cast off from the 1860s? It looks sort of vaguely bishop-sleeved and supposed-to-have-a-crinoline, but obviously would never have been really that fashionable at any point.

  2. This sounds rather interesting.

    White men generally did not allow Chinese men to fraternize with white women, and miscegenation laws prohibited interracial marriages in most West Coast states until the 1960s (lest you thought America’s racism was kept to the Old South!).

    California was the first Western state to repeal its anti-miscegenation law in 1947. Montana was the last Western state in 1965.

  3. An interesting, if not terribly relevant, bit of trivia: the author of the book is married to a costumer, Don McCunn, the author of “How to Make Sewing Patterns”.

  4. And to think I’d only known Rosalind Chao as the grating Keiko O’Brien in Star Trek:TNG and DS9. I will have to go out and find this movie!

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