16 thoughts on “The Serpent Queen (2022) – Recap Episode 5

  1. I am beyond words. You are a hero for watching this garbage. Diane was an adulterous mistress and offended Catherine right left and center but she did it while looking demure and respectable, fooling nobody of course but that was the image she wanted to project.
    Mary Stuart conspiring with Elizabeth is as rising as it is offensively wrong.
    At least they got the Bourbon/Guise conflict right. Those two families caused much of France’s turmoil and were dual thorns in Catherine’s sides.

    1. 👌🏻Totally agree with Roxana: THANK YOU, Trystan, for watching this👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻…so we don’t have to!!!✌🏻😅

  2. Regarding your remark on the François/Francis thing, it is all the easier to avoid the “trap” of the same names since at the time they would always referred and addressed to by their titles or Monseigneur/Madame and almost never by their christian names…

  3. They’ve also skipped over the fact Henri II had at least two other mistresses who bore him children. One of them was Janet Stewart, Lady Fleming, who was Mary’s governess. Lady Fleming got in trouble for bragging about being the King’s mistress. He also wasn’t as weak as they’ve made him out to be in this series.

    1. Henry was emotionally dependent on Diane but he seems to have looked elsewhere for sex. We only know about that Italian girl and Lady Fleming because they had children by him. Which BTW raises a question about Henry being the reason for Catherine ‘s long sterility.

  4. The Serpent Queen meets the Derpy Derp-ent King.
    If they were going to have Diane stab a man, they should have gone further and cover her in blood spatter so she could smear it all over Henri when he immediately started MAKING OUT with her. That’s right, originally it was only considered a French kiss if the victim of one of the kissers was dying in front of them.
    A previous episode established that Aabis and Angelica have an on-again off-again relationship. I took Diane kissing Angelica as manipulation since she knows Angelica is attracted to women (but things go really bananas on the gold front next episode, so who knows).

  5. I know this is off-topic, but I also know you moderate the comments and wanted to share this because it’s really cool. V&A YouTube posted a convo with the costume designer for ‘6’ about her inspiration for Catherine of Aragon’s costume (she used primary sources & architecture).

  6. What happened to Mary QoS’s auburn hair? Also, according to some biographer whose name I forget, she wasn’t all that religious: an observant Catholic, of course, but the super-devout stuff played better once she returned to Britain, and was plotting to replace her Protestant rival. (Played well at her execution, too.)

    1. Mary was given to histrionics, she played to the audience and expected it to believe whatever she said. That bit her hard when she tried to play the grieving widow and intended victim after Darnley ‘s death.

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