15 thoughts on “The Great – Recap Episodes 5 & 6

  1. I have read The Endless Steppe, and I remember the sweater knitting incident very well, poor Esther!
    Remember how Esther desperately wants the fur trimmed jacket and boots that are so all that in Siberia, and how she finally gets them and is so proud but then the family is released and practically the first thing her father says to her back in Poland is not to worry they’ll get her some decent clothes right away?

    1. Omg! I sobbed buckets when her father does that. She was so proud that she earned the money herself.

      1. Both of you! Listen to our podcast recap, I go off on the Siberian clothes that she can’t wear in the city! <3 <3 <3

        1. The city was Vilna wasn’t it? Esther’s home town. And do you remember the masquerade party costume? Esther hopes to borrow one from theatrical costumes but is blow off, only to see the daughter of one of the factory owners or other VIP wearing a cute little outfit from the costume stores?

            1. Suffering Girls genre, giggle snort. I remember that book and the red sweater knit and reknit quite well!

      2. I remember that Esther is crushed, she worked so hard and the jacket and boots look beautiful and chic to her. But then she realizes she’s still thinking like a Siberian girl and that chapter of her life is closed. I don’t know if she actually feels better though.

        1. I didn’t read this book, but my sister did and I remember her telling me part of the story. I was aghast at the idea of exile and summer being short and cold, also the book wasn’t available to my grade level at that time, so I didn’t read it. I was happy with my sister telling me the story.

  2. The “smash bottle game” outfit is stunning.Fanning really looks stunning in blue.
    Is all that fur real though?There is a lot of fur in this show,fake I hope.

  3. The pic of Peter in the hoodie and whoever is with him really has nothing that makes it 18th century at all. They look like it could be last week. :-\

    Also, the macaron thing I found interesting… I can see from a writing choice why it would be a good way to highlight how inadequate the royal response is, although it seems really frivolous for someone of either Elizabeth or Catherine’s character. But I was curious and apparently the type we know best, and which are pictured, are probably from the 1830s, after a long evolution from the 17th century when the Italian versions came to France with Catherine de Medicis. I didn’t really verify anything but it makes sense to me, so, you know, that’s a substitute for actual expertise. ;-)

    1. Personally I took that image of Peter and pal for a behind the scenes shot until I read the caption! I mean seriously, a hoodie??

  4. Very late but I am so confused. Why is Peter doing any ruling or being called Emperor when Empress Elizabeth is alive?

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