10 thoughts on “The Frock Flicks Guide to Tirelli Costumes

    1. Yes! Thank you for this beautiful post! I’m picking my jaw up from the floor after looking at all these gorgeous creations.

  1. Bring back beautiful clothing (without the corsets) instead of the cheap crap we walk around in now.

    1. The clothes won’t fit correctly without the right foundation garments. Posture and bust positioning would be way off, and too much stress will go onto the outer clothes.

    2. If I was ever offered the chance to tour just one costume house this would be IT! They’ve made so many beautiful garments it blows my mind!

  2. Stunning followed by more stunning! Such beautiful detail – much of which would never be fully appreciated on screen. I totally adore Judi Dench’s outrageous Lady Bracknell creations. The suits made for Amadeus are also so gorgeous… I want them in my wardrobe! Surely Tirelli Costumi didn’t make the mismatch gowns for Constanze though – they seem so lacking in finesse, historical accuracy in their detail and were very ill fitting and not the quality of work that you would expect from such an amazing and exacting costume house.

  3. ALL these costumes are just beyond words!!! I swear I’ve seen Greta Scacchi in the black dress from Ludwig (or one very similar), perhaps in The Red Violin? On an emotional level, I gotta go with Kristin Scott Thomas’s white dress from the dance scene in The English Patient, even though its one of the more modest costumes shown in this post. But OMG, that scene! Woof! Beyond that, I’ll rate my faves as The Age of Innocence, The Borgias, and definitely Penny Dreadful. I’d need to watch Valmont again for the costumes. When I saw it years ago, I just compared everything in unfavorably to Dangerous Liaisons (probably like everyone else), so I don’t think I really gave the costumes a chance. This post is BEAUTIFUL. Thanks!

  4. Seeing Reign on there was a surprise. Tale of Tales and Age of Innocence remain lovely to look at.

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