4 thoughts on “The Duchess Deep Dive: Let’s Fast Forward

  1. Thank you for the deep dive. I’ve been waiting for it. Love Georgina’s purple. And I totally hated Bess for what she did ti Georgina.

    1. I blame the Duke and other men.

      This movie highlights the privileges rich women were allowed by the men in their life. Everything a woman has is because of a man’s ‘generosity’, including her children. Bess is forced into the Duke’s arms so she can have an opportunity to see her children. And men like the Duke, were thrilled when things like beautiful women ‘dropped’ into their beds like manna from heaven. It’s exploitation at its finest. AND IT’S WRONG.

      (The rape scene was not necessary because it’s clear how much exploitation was/is blatant. Sadly it’s not so blatant today but it has definitely not gone away).

      Ending on a high note, the purple is sublime. I lurve me some purple. 💜

  2. I’ve never seen the movie because when I started to watch it, it became obvious that noboy had taught her how to walk in those outfits. Ladies glided. But with the tall hairstyle, it wobbled on her head like a jelly. It was so distracting I couldn’t cope. But I must have another go.
    It’s thought that the two women and the duke lived in a true menage, but obviously nobody knows for sure. Back then, marriage was seen as a partnership. It was the Victorians that turned women into chattels, and then women, not surprisingly, rebelled. Women could own their own property through a complex series of trusts, which could keep a husband or father away from the principal, though they would mostly have control of the interest. It was undoubtedly wrong, but there were women lower in rank than the aristocracy who lived completely independently. No entails, no worries about passing everything on through sons.

    1. I would recommend you try watching it again and try and get past how she walks as I’m interested in your review of the movie and story. :)

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