9 thoughts on “The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box (2013)

  1. What struck me about the photo of Lena Headey was that there was NO SKIRT HIKING. ;)

  2. Your sacrifice is duly noted and wholly appreciated.

    It was terrible. I love me some pretty Welshmen, and I just couldn’t.

    1. THANK YOU.

      No one appreciates me around here. :P

      And seriously, the cute Welshman ratio is off the charts in this film, but it still couldn’t salvage that terrible, terrible script.

  3. Lena’s dress and that gif of Michael Sheen are definitely compelling me to watch this one!

    1. Lena’s costumes are all stunning! I find it almost offensive that they haven’t been screencapped and shared all over the internet by people who are into the whole Goth/Victorian/Steampunk look, because they’re really just beautifully designed and tailored. And I’m saying that as someone who firmly Does Not Like Steampunk and only barely tolerates bustle gowns in general.

  4. I’ll suffer through anything with Michael Sheen in it! And the costumes are well worth the watch.

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