7 thoughts on “TBT: Walk the Line (2005)

  1. Y.e.s. on the controversy surrounding the casting of Vivian. Or rather her representation. I’m surprised, naively so?, it didn’t cause more of a stir when the movie came out. Jennifer Goodwin + costume & make-up give off a completely different persona than is visible on the original photo. I can halfway understand not wanting to deflect focus from the main story – even if this might have been a more interesting part to it. But notwithstanding the complexe issue of (racial) identity, how does this not reflect on and is part of J-Cash’s personality? He once made the choice to marry such a kind of woman, not such a kind of woman… Ahh well.

  2. Haven’t seen this but Joaquin and Reese teamed up again in Inherent Vice, which is one of my favorite movies (it’s very trippy). :)

  3. I had no idea about Vivian Cash! That’s a major casting fail right there. In general it seems like the movie didn’t really do her justice, probably because if she was fleshed out more it would be harder to brush aside Johnny Cash cheating on her. I wish they’d accurately represented her ethnicity and also written her character with some more depth.

  4. Also they also misrepresented Vivian and turned her into the villain. She said that she enjoyed Johnny’s fame and encouraged him to tour, contrary to what the film portraits. I really love this movie. The chemistry between Phoenix and Witherspoon is off the charts.

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