17 thoughts on “TBT: Some Like It Hot (1959)

  1. I adore this film. Sugar even says to Daphne, “You’re so nice and flat-chested. Clothes hang better on you.” Or some such. So even within the film Marilyn’s shape is recognized as wrong. And the boys’ dresses and hats are 100% right. Just slays me how good those day dresses are. Plus it’s still funny after double-digit viewings. I’m with Trystan – total comfort-movie watching.

  2. It’s one of those films where you start watching and you promise yourself you’ll stop watching after “this bit” or “this next bit.” Then before you know it, you’re being told that nobody’s perfect!
    I love this film so much. Everything is on point. Added to my enjoyment when I went to San Diego a couple of years ago and visited the Hotel Del Coronado, where the “Florida” scenes were filmed. It’s an amazing place. Haunted, they say, but I’d love to stay there one day, when I’ve won the lottery!

    1. I have family in San Diego and have been to the Coronado several times just to see the hotel! Didn’t stay over, just had an ice cream and gaped at the hotel lobby. They sell a lot of Wizard of Oz memorabilia in the gift shop because author L. Frank Baum lived on Coronado (they’ll give you a map to his house) and wrote at least one of the Oz books while staying in the hotel.

  3. The film feels such a sweet comfort watch right now,but must have been radical in its time.I was shocked that it had such high critical ratings,otherwise most of the time they were raving about ridiculously serious and obnoxiously uptight depression inducing dramas.
    Marylin’s costumes are so,so over the top gorgeous in the film.Nothing historical,but stunning in the details.Is there anything that Marylin didn’t look like a queen in?The men’s costumes felt reasonably period evocative nonetheless.

  4. I saw the fringed dress in London around 1998, at a Cinema Museum, since defunct. It was remarkable in that there were all kinds of teeny tiny darts pinched everywhere to make the dress super form fitting. You couldn’t see them on camera, only up close; like 50 or so little satin dimples.

  5. Love this film – hilarious and made more so by the actors committing 100% to their roles. Highly rewatchable.

  6. If you’ve never seen it before, you absolutely must watch to the very, very end. Joe E. Brown and Jack Lemmon have a great final scene!

  7. Yes, I’ve seen it and enjoy it. But…it just doesn’t grab me like it grabs so many other people. It’s consistently on Best lists and such, and I’m always like…OK, I guess so.Marilyn Monroe is drop-dead gorgeous in it, that’s for sure. And the movie has many other good qualities too, but my feel-good, goofy, excellent movie is The Birdcage.

  8. This added to my small child crush on Tony Curtis. We were a passionate Turner Classic Movies household. And no, I did NOT have friends in school.

  9. I last saw this film last week at an open-air viewing in Unterföhring, a little town near Munich, Germany. Dubbed in German, with lots of funny German catch-phrases. Laughter rang out all along the terrace, but no one loved it as well as I do, one of my all time favorite movies, especially for Jack Lemmon. I tried to explain Prohibition to my friends.

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