8 thoughts on “TBT: Cutthroat Island (1995)

  1. My God, I had a straw hat like that that I bought for a fiver off a market stall one Pride weekend in Brighton because I needed emergency shade from the sun. Hideous! I chucked it in the bin only a couple weeks ago….

  2. Geena Davis…hmmm, a bit toothy for my taste, and I always wished it was Susan Sarandon investigating her tiny white panties in Thelma and Louise, rather than Brad…but, she’s OK lol. I’ve never seen this film, and think by the look of your review, that I will keep it that way!

  3. The Long Kiss Good Night was a better Geena Davis action flick, with Samuel L. Jackson providing comedy relief when the almost non-stop action got too intense for the faint of heart. It’s a contemporary piece, but great fun.

  4. I actually paid to see this in a theater. I think it killed Geena Davis’s career for YEARS. As you say, a worthy impulse demolished by baaaaad execution.

  5. I saw Cutthroat Island at a young and impressionable age, so it was a favorite of mine. I was into Xena Warrior Princess and “Girl Power” won me over every time. I wonder what I’d think of it now if I gave it a rewatch…

  6. Thanks to this movie, I wanted to be a pirate.
    I would pretend I was a pirate in the park, (it had one of those wooden forts with accessories) the mast being the slide, and the sand being the sea. I would jump from swing to wing to avoid the sharks, and we would shoot each other red berry-balls.
    If a boy said “girls can´t be pirates!” I would say I was Morgan Adams and she has a movie, so of course they could!
    Afterwards of course, history also proved them wrong with the existence of so many badass ladies of the sea.
    I still love the movie in all of it’s awfulness, because the nostalgia obviously.
    Not planning in having kids, but I’d definitely play it if I had girls.
    But I laughed so much reading this article (and all of the rest), and WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE GIFT BOWS OMG!.

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