17 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: Spotting Eggbeards in Frock Flicks

  1. Any actor playing Rasputin is definitely Eggbeard. Not Eggbeard Petrucchio as portrayed by Sir Richard Burton.

      1. Yes, but when Alan Rickman played him, did his hotness cancel out the Eggbeard? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

          1. I’m sure cleaning an eggbeard could be fun, no? Or a sudden need for eye bleach. I bet there’s never any middle ground.

    1. I was raised on Richard Armour books, and discovered 1066 later. I think I have an extra copy of it, if you want to borrow..

    2. Oh, yes! I read all the Richard Armour books back in the day and would love to have them again.

  2. Kendra, the mere notion of Finding John Knox Attractive has made me quite queasy. I’ve no objection to a bit of kink, but come on, that’s just perverted… (Scurries off to scrub brain.)

    1. Partial Comfort.

      “Whose love is given over-well
      Shall look on Helen’s face in hell,
      Whilst those whose love is thin and wise
      May view John Knox in Paradise.”

      Dorothy Parker

  3. Kendra, I’m right there with you. I am very much pro-facial hair–GROOMED facial hair. My general rule is: Once the beard is 3D, then I’m not a fan. And to answer your question, no, it’s not inappropriate to have the hots for St. Joseph as played by Oscar Isaac. If so, I’ve been sinning ever since The Nativity Story came out.

    1. Don’t feel bad about having hots for Oscar Isaac – It’s a natural outcome of laying eyes on him. In Zefferelli’s Jesus of Nazareth, Joseph was played by some hot dark-eyed, dark-haired Greek actor, and Lordy-me!!!

  4. I don’t particularly mind an eggbeard on an older man, like Tolstoy, so long as its clean. And I don’t particularly like a very groomed eggbeard on a man when it makes him appear to be too interested in his own appearance.

    As for a scary one, if I am allowed to venture into the realm of fantasy. I offer up fat Thor in ‘Endgame’. We are meant to squirm and squirm I do.

    What is your considered opinion on plaited/braided beards? They are long, but sort of tidied up. I ind some of these quite attractive in a very masculine sort of way, but others really give me the creeps. Haven’t yet worked out what the difference is.

  5. Long beards can look good. They just need to be clean, brushed, and shaped properly. Not many guys seem to do any of that.

    1. I’m with Kendra. There aren’t any long beards that look good to me – they’re aging. But taste is very subjective

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