18 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK RECAP: Maria Theresia (2017) Episode 2

  1. Why is Court Bitch #1 in the perfect Drogon eat me pose?
    If he won’t maybe she’ll be a candidate for ‘cement waders’ so popular with the Sopranos in disposing of ppl like here?

  2. I would suggest turning the skirt hiking into a drinking game; but I don’t want multiple deaths from alcohol poisoning on my hands.

  3. Wonder if that’s a zipper in the back view of the blue dress? Also the green dress looks huge from the practically open top. What is this? ‘We are doing Austrian 18th century Court and All Garments Must Be Made of Atrocious Poly Baroque Satin, Not Fit and Are Wrong’?

  4. First of all, Esterházy’s dress looks very cheap (especially for being one of the richest man in Hungary). Compare to the man on the right side:

    I’m actually impressed that they kind of got the coronation right – the crown, the jewels and even the robe (everybody forgets the robe – including me :D)!
    I think they used this photo: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d2/Maria_Theresia_als_Königin_von_Ungarn_zu_Pferde.jpg

    1. Esterhazy looks awful. Was it just me or is the braiding done really oddly? The image you shared looks much more like what I would expect, and a million times better.

    1. ah, I should’ve scrolled farther—yeah that braiding looked awful. is it horizontal stripes? I think I just moved on from the visual static.

  5. Is skirt hiking supposed to make them look ladylike and dainty? Also sewn in Stomachers 4EVA! Also also Put a Head Necklace on it! Head Necklaces solve everything, Duh!

  6. Those costumes are seriously cheap and nasty, especially the wigs! BTW Maria Anna turns out to be a genuinely interesting character, she fell in love with Francis of Lorraine’s younger brother and fought for him as hard as her big sis fought for her crown. Maria Anna got her man but sadly died delivering a stillborn child less than a year later.

  7. I weep for those poor Hungarians. Now, it’s true that what they wear in this vaguely resembles traditional hungarian uniforms, but 18th century nobles SHOULD NOT be dressed like this; not in the court anyway. Basically, it’s like having Catherine The Great wear sarafan everywhere, because Russian or something. Behold the actual historical person the Hot Hungarian is supposed to be, as he chose to present himself.

    (Also, am I blind or are those MULLETS on their heads?! Disgusting.)

  8. So much skirt hiking. It kind of made me envision a comedy sketch gameshow where people have to guess what each skirt hike signifies, kind of like the SNL one with Lifetime movie moms where they have to guess what’s wrong with Tanya. In an era where all the skirts are long women clearly were able to get around—why do they all assume that because most of us today don’t wear things that long it would be impossible to move without hiking the skirt?

  9. I don’t think hook-and-eye dress and the other dress are the same one- the flowers are different. But holy fabric depot those costumes are awful.

  10. I had to laugh, when the whole “Francis is producing textiles”-nonsense developed. How could they believe, that Francis would have Standing around in a merchant’s vault with his products? And why he became a dressmaker? Is it possible, that they confounded dressmakers and weavers? In the German Version he was described as a “Tuchmacher” (clothier). But a “Tuchmacher” didn’t produced silk… He produced woolen cloth.
    After prince Eugen’s death now Bartenstein turned up as MTs main Antagonist, wearing late 17th century style clothes(?). There is just no explenation why he should do so, as he was not an old man. In contrary he had very fashionable suits on all his portrays: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Christoph_von_Bartenstein#/media/Datei:Martin_van_Meytens_008.jpg
    MT later talked very gratefull about him, as the man who saved his Country, because she realized, that he was her most important supporter. One of the few advisers of her father, who was alowed to keep influence.

  11. These are some of the laziest costumes I’ve ever seen in a professional production. I’ve seen more effort put into youtube videos and school plays! Also MT seems very wishy-washy about wearing mourning for her own father’s death. That’s a weird choice for the filmmakers to make.

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t vote for this (I was hoping for a North and South Part 2 lol) but this is turning out to be comedic gold.

  12. I’ll admit not to be an expert on Austrian coronation garb… Pretty certain they don’t use tablecloth for that, though.
    Also, if anyone wants to make the blue MT dress, I’ve seen that lace like yesterday on Aliexpress… Go grab some! (or not)

  13. Now, I can tell you one thing about this episode: you watched it in hungarian. And thank you, this post is hilarious.

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