19 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: Crotch-Lacing & Codflaps

  1. My fave codpieces were the ones used in the livery for the Capulet and Montague boys in Franco Zeffirelli’s “Romeo and Juliet. Contrasting halves–hah!

    1. I think my favorite was in a stage version of Romeo and Juliet, where the theme was mixed times (the older folk wore period clothing, while the younger generally wore modern clothing.) The Montague crowd dressed in period clothing for the masquerade, turned their backs to the audience to affix their masks, turned around with superhero masks on… and matching codpieces.

  2. Thank you for doing Snark Week this week! My almost eleven year cat is having an MRI today to see whether she has a brain tumor and having Snark Week posts to read is giving me something to do other than melting down at my desk while I wait for news about her.

    1. Hugs. Critters are vital family members. My pooch is “not” begging for my lunch as I write this.

  3. In at least one of the various films of the lives and wives of Henry VIII, the codpiece has been done right. Maybe it was the one with Keith Michell (sp?)

    1. Besides the Zeffirelli R&J, complexes being awesome, did anyone notice HVIII aka Keith Michel complexes kept growing as Hank aged?

  4. With things like long swords, big guns, bigger cars, etc. in film and TV, why the fear of drawing attention to actual penises?

  5. I loved this one. And yes, I was staring at the crotches. And for me–a definite non-expert about historical accuracy related to costumes–Will (2017) was THE WORST offender I’ve ever seen regarding costumes and just everything. What’s so devastating about it was that the head costume designer was a Downton Abbey alum–aka someone who definitely knows better! (Yes, I know the decisions aren’t all up to the costume designer.)

    Also, Colin Firth is still in his prime, right? If not, I didn’t get the memo. ;)

  6. If you can’t have accurate codpieces, then you had better be David Bowie not giving a fuck in Labyrinth and go all in. We are going to look, so make it worth our time.

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