10 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: Comments That Chap My Hide, Part 3

  1. Well now I have to wonder what the distaff counterpart to “Come at me bro!” would be: “Take a swing, sista!” perchance? “Hit me chica!” perhaps?

    1. Not sure it’s completely accurate as a counterpart, but “try me, bitch” will get the job done.

  2. First, I need to know who person is in the ‘Very Daring’ gif, because hello! Secondly, fuck that gatekeeping feminism bullshit! If a woman, fictional or otherwise, does something that requires being criticized, it’s not “BaD fEmInIsM” and she should be criticized.

  3. “When one person goes on with many, many comments about a particular flick’s lack of historical accuracy in plot, but they add nothing to the discussion of that flick’s costumes.”


    I’ve… probably done this once or twice?

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