16 thoughts on “Rosaline (2022)

  1. It was my impression that Rosaline just wasn’t into Romeo. But I guess it’s a matter of interpretation. Seeing how R+J ended its a pity Rosaline didn’t succeed in breaking them up.

  2. Okay, I just watched the trailer and it looks freakin’ hilarious. Hmm…maybe I can get a free trial of Hulu. :)

  3. I expected nothing, so when I watched it, I was delighted! It was cute and fun and the costumes didn’t make me want to pull my hair out. I think this is the perfect formula of how to use modern dialogue and sensibilities in a period set film. I love being pleasantly surprised.

  4. My go-to Romeo and Juliet via minor character is “Prince of Cats,” starring Tybalt with Rosaline as a supporting character. I recommend it, though as a comic book taking place in 1980s Brooklyn, it is not remotely a frock flick.

    I’m curious about this movie and how it compares to “Prince of Cats”‘ Rosaline.

    1. There’s supposed to be an upcoming adaptation of Prince of Cats, to be written by Selwyn Seyfu Hinds and directed by Spike Lee.

      LaKeith Stanfield, whom I really like, was attached to play Tybalt but that seems up in the air now.

  5. I’m so glad you decided to review this! I really enjoyed it (overlooked the Leading Lady Hairpin Shortage). I appreciated that the costumes showed layers, instead of just a princess dress. There was outerwear (the gamora?-Renaissance Italian isn’t my linguistic strong point). There were hats (some serious, some just very funny). There were shifts!

  6. I freaking LOVED IT!! Absolutely adorable and so much fun. The conceit was clear from the start that this is a modern and extremely self-aware take on the story and the Italian Renaissance in general, with dang good costumes and beautiful scenery. The music was delightful too! Definitely going into my sewing background rotation along with “Mr. Malcolm’s List.”

  7. The costumes were good, but the story infuriated me. I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to look at the play, where Rosaline is said to have made a vow to stay chaste and rejected Romeo outright, and decide that isn’t an interesting path to take. For me, the modern mannerisms and logic was just too distracting from the visuals for me to enjoy it. The one time I actually laughed was the post credit scene.

    1. I’m waiting for the DVD bc I’m not working. I’m staying home to take care of declining 94 year old mother.

  8. webtoons has a comic from Roselands point of view. it’s Go Away Romeo! Romeo and Juliet are teenage drips. Romeo more so.

  9. I just watched it last night and while I found th estory so-so (admittedly, I love the original play), I had my mouth open at the costumes, and started collecting pictures for future costuming references. Okay, there were some instances my eyebrow went up (there is some cloak/poncho-y stuff on Paris for example, but the girls stuff… pretty and mostly accurate… loved the hair and I might have pointed to the screen with a loud exclamation of “look, she even has good shoes” at a sceen when Rosaline is dangling her legs and for a second we can see the pointy toe of a proper renaissance shoe.

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