23 thoughts on “Norsemen: Accurate *and* Funny!

  1. We are hooked on Norsemen and can’t wait for the second season to drop. Thank you so much for this posting, but I wish you’d given us more, especially the contrast with the English Christians and the attempts by the Roman Rufus to bring art and culture to the Vikings.

  2. I can’t stop laughing during the show. I’ve only got to the death of Orm’s brother – the chieftain, but Freya is my favourite character.

  3. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad you reviewed this. I thought this series was amazing and funny, and I hope a lot more people will see it.

  4. Yes! We loved Norsemen. (And thank you for reminding me of the name nålebinding! My husband asked and all I could stammer out was that it was like one needle knitting.)

  5. I must watch this show! Thanks for the heads up. “Evil machinator and inept idiot” LOL. I know one of those, but he’s the leader. (Oops, sorry!)

  6. Netflix recommended me to this the other day (since I watch The Last Kingdom) and I went … ehh, really?

    But that final gif in your post literally caused me to start laughing.

    OMG. I must see this now. I could use some serious LOLz.

  7. I had no idea this was a comedy! I thought it was some foreign knock off of Vikings, and scrolled right past. I will give it a watch, now!

    1. Whatever you do, don’t drink anything while watching. I guarantee you’ll choke on your beverage.

  8. OMG!!! I totally need to watch this! I basically hate watch Vikings because the story is fine and following the outlines of the sagas but the costuming.

  9. Some of your fans (not me) are experts in the Viking era. I might be able to talk one or two of them into sending in a guest analysis, if that were a thing you might be interested in.

  10. It’s absolutely hilarious! But it’s also super inaccurate. Every picture is a bit cringey costume wise, even the village, I’m afraid. Makes me wish I spoke Norwegian though!

    1. They dropped it already? Darn, I was looking forward to watching another few episodes of this funny gem of a show. I don’t watch much TV but this one was actually a lot of fun. Maybe some other distributor will pick it up.

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