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  1. One thing that I will say in defense of the brothel scene in Victoria-they didn’t default to the “everyone in a corset” cliche or have the prostitutes in something totally ahistorical and modern sexy. Instead they were wearing pretty much what all the other upper class women were wearing just a bit brighter, showier and lower cut. Which is what the women in a very expensive brothel would have worn.

    1. Very true! I liked the scene — it was a fancy drawing-room type setting, all the women were in proper evening dress (down to the ‘madame’ in the gown semi-inspired by my Eugenie gown ;-) ), & nobody acted overtly sexy in a non-19th-century way. Even when Albert & the prostitute were alone, she didn’t put on totally modern moves.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I was thinking about Frock Flicks when I watched Six Wives, which I enjoyed. I thought you’d all be delighted that in the first episode, Katherine of Aragon was young, pretty, fair-skinned, blue-eyed and red-haired.

    1. Yes! That was one of the nice things about Lucy Worsley’s documentary — she gave Katherine of Aragorn her due as not just a dried-up old hag & showed her as a young woman.

  3. I think they recreated the ladies’ headdresses much better in Secrets of the Six Wives. The French hoods were properly positioned, mainly. I think the main point of the doc was to see events from the wives’ POV rather than some omnicient angle.

    I LOVE your site! Thank you for the mini- podcast!

    1. I could tell at least some of the French hoods were the same (identical front headbandy piece, same gems), but I think they swapped out the veils for less transparent ones. The gable headdresses were excellent (but they were excellent in Wolf Hall, so maybe they were the same too?).

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