6 thoughts on “MCM: Tom Hughes

  1. Very MCM.

    Casualty 1909 is a great watch with not to many eposides, and solid plot. Great for a sick day where you can get through it all and still nap.

  2. I think I’ve only ever seen him in Endless Night. Thanks for the heads up on The Laureate–I’m able to get the DVD from the library, and I was a Robert Graves fan at one time (Goodbye to All That, I Claudius).

  3. He was an excellent Albert in Victoria. I guess we’re not getting anymore of that; it seems everyone has moved on. Albert had just collapsed after the Crystal Palace!

  4. He is so hot!! I can’t even…. I first noticed him in Cemetery Junction (which to my mind is a FrockFlick, but isn’t by your standards ’cause it’s set in 1973). I also liked him in Silk (also not a Frock Flick). Anyway, he is SOOO gorgeous AND a good actor. To answer your question, for my fave of his FF roles is a tie between Albert in Victoria and Kit Marlowe in A Discovery of Witches. I was totally annoyed by his character in Dancing on the Edge! GREAT MCM choice!

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