13 thoughts on “MCM: Tim McInnery

  1. Not familiar with his work but gosh if this isn’t a visual lesson in how much a difference hair can make in appearance—I don’t know if I’d recognize him much across these roles.

  2. There is no better work about WWI and War and Bureaucracy than Black Adder Goes Forth.

    1. In Blackadder Third he played Topper an English nobleman, The scarlet Pimpernel (Lord Percy) and Le Comte de Frou Frou (Picture shown above). It was a great episode “Nob and Nobility”

  3. Just a slight correction. The first Blackadder series was actually titled The Black Adder. The name didn’t become a solid compound until the second series.

  4. “A wonderful shade of green….” (trying to invent gold in Blackadder 2) 😁

    Talented chap… even as the OOD manager in Doctor Who!

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