12 thoughts on “MCM: Taika Waititi

  1. Taika also had a bit part in the 2021 film The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, playing the real life newspaper editor Max Kase; pics are hard to find but he pulls off the 1910s (I think?) suiting nicely. Also outside of the site’s timeline rules but he does a great Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ outfit for the end credits of one of his first feature films Boy.

    1. I just caught the omission and fixed it! I had it pulled up in my list when I wrote the post, but somehow forgot to include it.

  2. I thought you hated eggbeards…

    I live on the coast of NC and Blackbeard’s fave anchorage is just north apiece in Ocracoke Inlet. And of course he troubled “Charles Town” SC terribly… so stories and legends about Blackbeard are big up and down this coastal area.
    One story is that he braided his eggbeard and put burning smoking tapers in it to scare his victims. That would be an interesting costume choice. They should do it.

    1. One can have a beard and not be an eggbeard!

      They also reference the burning beard in the early episodes where a former sailor of Blackbeard’s is describing the terror of seeing him in the flesh. Of course, the reality is a bit less extreme… but only a bit.

    1. It’s brilliant, if you liked Flight of the Conchords you’ll love it. I have the advantage of it being set in my home city, so there’s that extra frisson. Very understated, deadpan humour. Very kiwi :)

    1. You’re not missing much, it’s terrible. Watch the Aardman film ‘The Pirates!’ instead, it’s actually funny.

  3. So WWDITS isn’t historical as it’s set in the present day, plus two cameos. He’s a funny guy, I enjoyed Jojo Rabbit, but he’s hardly a costume drama stalwart is he?

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