13 thoughts on “MCM: Laurence Fishburne

  1. Ooh, some of these sound really good and I didn’t know about them! (‘Thurgood’, for example.) I loved him in Othello.

  2. Loved him in ‘Othello’ as well. Still my favourite rendition of a very problematic & yet still relevant Play.
    He stayed with me as Ike Turner, the longest time, after seeing his portrayal in ‘Whats Love Got to Do with It’. It was disturbingly good. But was hard for me to shake. Had forgotten that he had a part in ‘The Color Purple’ which is, in my humble opinion, the best book adaptation (into film) ever made.
    Not a F.F. role or “role” at all….But I laughed my ass off at Laurence Fishburne’s stone cold narration of Netflix’s ‘Death to 2020’….- “so BAD they named it twice!!” 🤣

  3. He’s such a great actor. Loved his performance in Othello, a hard role and he crushed it.

  4. Will always love him for breaking character during a Broadway play and telling a rude audience member to shut off his/her effing cellphone. Enthusiastic applause followed.

  5. ahh, I agree–so many things I didn’t know about that look good. Haven’t seen tons of his work, but really enjoy what I have seen.

  6. Madiba and Othello are my favourites. I didn’t even know he was in the Cotton Club. Hopefully, I can find the director’s cut. And Tuskegee Airman.

  7. That is one hot Othello! Desdemona would have to be crazy to prefer another man to that! But of course she doesn’t. Othello is gaslighted by Iago.

    1. I agree, but we must also acknowledge that Nathaniel Parker was at peak hotness as Michael Cassio!! Fishburne and Parker were both so FINE in this movie. And Branagh didn’t look bad either!!

  8. While most people’s favorite sequence in Apocalypse Now is Robert Duvall and the helicopters clearing the beach, my favorite is Fishburne dancing to the Stones as another member of the riverboat crew waterskis behind as Sheen reads papers on his mission to find Brando. The surreal combination of military duty, reckless youth, frivolous recreation and the agricultural Vietnamese has stuck with me ever since I saw the film. Fishburne was so very young (14-16) and his youth as well as his acting talent really emphasize that so many US soldiers in. Vietnam were boys.

  9. Oh, Lord–I’ve never seen him give a bad performance. Even when you think he might be miscast, he always manages to pull it off. And his VOICE–I long for him to narrate the works of Edgar Allan Poe. But I digress–I LOVE his Othello. And his version of Ike Turner is just–WOW!!!!

  10. “Hoodlum” is a definite must see! It has Cicely Tyson and Clarence Williams III as well, and the fashion seems to be on point.

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