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  1. Not a FF, but the first thing I saw him in was Tomb Raider. I don’t remember much of his role, but there was a scene where he was in the shower. That alone was worth the price of admission. :)

  2. For obvious reasons I remain deeply, deeply disappointed that Mr Daniel Craig has never played a Viking – just look at that square head of his, if he were any more blatantly shaped by the hand of God to play some sort of barbarously Teutonic/Gothic/Nordic heavy he’d have been born wearing a winged helmet!

    Also, having now seen him wear Imperial German uniform, I am just DESPERATE to see him wear a monocle, a sneer and some sort of 20th century German uniform of his choice.

    1. After seeing “Shazam”, I thought that Craig would be a perfect Captain Nazi, if they decided to go there for a later film.

  3. Also, who on Earth took one look at Mr Daniel Craig and thought “Ah ha, here is an officer of Spain in California waiting to happen!” I ask you?

    No, wait, in all fairness Spain – like most far flung Empires – pulled in odds and ends from everywhere, so that casting might pass muster, except that the surname ‘Hidalgo’ more or less means “None more Spanish, Spanish of SPAIN, cower ye creoles!” so it’s especially weird to see an officer of the name played by a man who looks like he just stepped off longship.

    On the other hand it’s possible that ‘Hidalgo’ is part of a double-barrelled surname (with the other name being Anglo or Germanic): I believe there were more than a few Jacobite Irish and their descendants working for their Most Catholic Majesties at the time Zorro was running the rooftops.

    1. The last Viceroy of New Spain, appointed in 1821, rejoiced in the name of Lieutentant-General Juan de Odonoju y O’Ryan. (He had previously served in the Spanish regular forces against Napoleon.) Sadly he died within the year; perhaps the climate didn’t agree with him – or with his two nephews, who had come with him to Central America and had already died from yellow fever in Veracruz.

  4. Daniel Craig also did Defiance (2008); about the Jewish Bielski brothers fighting back against the Nazis in Belarus in the early 1940s.

    1. I’m not saying this film is directly connected to him becoming Mr Rachel Weisz in Real Life, but it can’t possibly have hurt relations between the two of them!

  5. I just rewatched him in Moll Flanders—my oh my does he rock the big wig. Well cast as the love of her life.

  6. Don’t forget “Our Friends in the North” set in 1960s England! The costumes are highly under whelming, so I can see why it wasn’t on the list lol

  7. I just can’t get on board with him as a brunette. He was very good in Road to Perdition and Sylvia.

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