17 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette (2022) Looks Better Than I Feared

  1. I understand why they’re sticking to one, obviously adult actress. It would still be nice if they hired someone baby-faced to play Marie Antoinette in her earliest days at Versailles, underscore SHE WAS 14 when she first had to navigate this world.

  2. Is Mary any relation to the fab British actor Bill? We need a Man Candy on him. Not sure on this Marie Antoinette bc no daughter of Maria Theresa would be caught dead with skirt hiking (er maybe with getting on a horse) or beachy waves. Looks very Woke. Yeck

  3. The pic with the (possible) Chevalier de Saint-Georges reminds me there was a movie about him in the making, but I haven’t read anything about it in ages. Does anyone know about this?

      1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better casting choice for the future Louis XVI. Nice that they seem to be giving him some depth

  4. The pic of her in the sheer white, the stars in her hair remind me of the same do for the silver ‘Rocket Gown’ from the 1938 Norma Shearer movie!

  5. So this looks like it’s one of these strange multi-national productions, like ‘Borgia’ and ‘Versailles,’ where it’s filmed in English despite the actors countries of origin and then dubbed for various markets. According to IMDb, an executive producer on this was also one on ‘Versailles,’ therefore, considering the highest quality part of that show was its opening title sequence, I’m not holding my breath for a masterpiece.
    I’m not kidding myself either – I will probably watch this to the bitter end.

  6. The costumes do not look bad but I’m tired of the poor teenagy take on her, just to make a « cool » show… that was original in 2006 with Coppola, now it just feels so cliché.

  7. The thing that has me the most worked up/worried is James Purefoy as Louis XV. Why? I mean, I love him, but who is his agent?

  8. Am I the only one that already hates it? And I am a Marie Antoinette die hard. I really hate the style and the casting of Marie Antoinette . The hair color, eyes and the nose! This really makes me want to cry.

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