12 thoughts on “Jungle Cruise (2021)

  1. I wasn’t convinced about the perfection of Edgar Ramirez’s armour until I knew a morion was part of the ensemble. Found a photo of Mr. Ramirez wearing a morion — it is perfection.

  2. Haven’t seen it yet, but we probably will. Re: high/low cinema, my hubby and I came to the conclusion years ago that there’s still room for a great B-movie now and then, and Dwayne Johnson is a great B-movie star.

  3. Paid to see it on premier D+. So far I’ve watched it twice. I can’t wait to go see it in 3D. Loved it!

    1. It was fun! It very much felt like they mashed Indiana Jones, Romancing the Stone, Star Wars, and Pirates of the Carribean together, but it was still fun and often pretty funny! I’d watch it again once it’s on regular D+ (my in laws bought it on their account when we watched it).

  4. I have a mighty need for Emily Blunt’s suit from the final scene. I’m just lying in wait for some decent screen shots.

  5. This was the first movie I saw in theatres since fall of 2019, and what a treat it was lol. It was so much fun! There were plenty of delightfully corny puns like in the original ride, I thought the combo of Frank, Lily, and Macgregor balanced each other nicely, and I laughed a lot. That’s all I want after the last year and a half, frankly. Uncomplicated fun, genuine laughter, pretty ladies in suits. I’m a simple person lol

  6. I LOVE a good popcorn flick. sometimes you just need something that isn’t heavy with “serious drama/meaning!” and want something like popcorn. lite, airy and fun to eat. can’t wait to see it!

  7. I was ambivalent about this one until I saw your image of Edgar Ramirez. OH HELLO.
    And that shot of the three disappointed is just begging to to turned into a meme!

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