10 thoughts on “Iconic Historical Movie Costumes of the 1980s

  1. Nothing beats Dangerous Liaisons in terms of 80s costume design, but The Scarlet Pimpernel is also magnificent. And A Room With a View.

    1. I had to do a double take. Young Meryl Streep looks so much like Jennifer Ehle!!!

  2. 2 points and then I will get dressed and haul my ass out the door and into work.

    1) How much would you all die to see Helen Mirren break out that cray-zee leather cut-out dress from Excalibur and traipse down a contemporary red carpet?!? That dress is so badass and Metal(tm) and fabulous it remains a formative element of my young Goth awakening. The grit around which a nacre accretes, to form a pearl. A dark shiny, gloomily shining Goth Pearl.

    2) Looking at Steve Martin, I have to ask – has always been that hot, I missed it the whole time?

    okay, 3 things –

    3) I would wear every last thing in that Black Adder spread of photos

  3. OK, Dangerous Liaisons for costume is the top, but there are a lot of good items here. I adore Black Adder for both the dialogue and the costumes. Had to smile at the young Diana Rigg and the ever so over the top Helen Mirren. Really liked the smocking and needlework on that blouse close up in Room With A View that Maggie Smith is wearing.

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