4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From Frock Flicks

  1. Not that we needed it but it seems the latest remake of Brideshead Revisited is off. It turned out to be far too expensive. I am however anxious for an update of the Edith Wharton-based Custom of the Country. That book should make a great series.

  2. Christine Ricci is a goddess. I’ve never been sure why a summer camp would be staging a T-Day pageant, but her speech makes it all worth while.

    1. Camp Chippewa manager (and maybe owner?) Gary Granger has pretensions of being a playwright and uses the camp to present “his vision”– which is a wretchedly written (as Wednesday brutally calls him on), pathetically ahistoric (Pocahontas?!?) play about “brotherhood.”
      However, Gary’s vision of “brotherhood” is simply a further demonstration of the “privileged”– the blond preppy campers– being condescending (“these savages are our guests!“) to their “inferiors”– Wednesday, Joel and all the other “misfit” campers– which Wednesday subverts spectacularly.
      Plus, the movie was released just before Thanksgiving, so it has an extra layer of taking a shot at all the cultural blather that we used to get hit with each November. 

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